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One day is a short time for a tourist visit, so it’s worth to approach planning your vacation responsibly. That’s what you can do in the most romantic city of the Baltics within 24 hours.

Take a ride on the Liepaja tram
In 1899, Liepaja became the first city in the Baltic States to have a tramway installed.

You can jump into the tram at the bus station and ride it all the way through the city: it takes just half an hour to make a kind of a sightseeing tour around the city.

Get a glimpse of Liepaja wooden Art Nouveau
Art Nouveau style examples are not only those a few districts in Riga or Eisenstein’s works. Many fine examples of wooden Art Nouveau are waiting for you in Liepaja, too. Luxurious buildings are located in the Primorsky Park area. You can not say that you were in Liepaja, if you did not walk around these places and did not feel the color of the city.

Ascend to the tower of the Holy Trinity Cathedral
Visiting churches and temples is one of the best ways for getting acquainted with almost every town. In Liepaja, one must certainly see several cathedrals. One of them is the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, for it holds the largest mechanical organ in the world: 131 registers, 4 keyboards and more than 7000 pipes! Also, do not miss the opportunity to climb the stairs of the cathedral tower and take a look at Liepaja from above.

Take a stroll along the waterfront
For many a tourist, a stroll along the bay is the main purpose of paying visits to Liepaja . The spirit of the port city is all here. Ships, seagulls voices, smells of the open sea, even buildings (these being examples of the architecture of the Bauhaus, once part of the industrial zone and now well-equipped for tourist needs). During the day, it is interesting to walk around the Liv market and to watch parents taking their children to walks, and tourists posing for photographs. It is also very romantic in the evening here, when the city lights flicker, reflected by the mirrorlike waters of the channel.

Meditate on the beach
Liepaja beaches have turned into a legend – the sandy part is about 50-80 m during windless times, and the coast’s length itself is about 8 km. Soft sand, salt-soaked air, open sea: what else does one need for happiness?

Relax in the Seaside Park
Yetr another spectacular sight of Liepaja. The park was created in the late 19th century, and it is not only a spacious green area separating the city from the beach, but also a place of cultural rest. Situated here are the “Daugava” stadium, mini-golf courses, skatepark, concert hall and bathhouses (there is a pond in the park in addition to its proximity to the sea, by the way). In general, a walk in this park is going to prove interesting regardless of your goals and global vacation plans.

View Liepaja Church of Luther
This is another church that is worth a closer look. The building was constructed during the first independence of Latvia, and it is built in the form of a cross, made of stone cut in Finland: this church allways attracts attention with the lightness and airiness of its architectural design.

Visit the Cathedral of St. Joseph
Pay attention while walking inside: there is a model of the ship under the ceiling. It was presented to the Cathedral by the crew of the ship, which escaped a violent storm by a sole miracle. It is believed that they were saved only through diligent prayer.

See the altar in the church of St. Anne
This is the oldest church in the city – and it holds the greatest treasure, and a masterpiece of the Baroque era within: a 9.7 meters high and 5.8 meters wide altar created in 1697 by a woodcarver, Nicolas Sephrence.

Enjoy the local cuisine
The proximity to the sea dictates an abundance of fish dishes encluded in the city’s quisine. Do not rob yourself of the pleasure of tasting the Liepaja-way-cod or other local delicacies. Though, if you do not want to spend your precious time sitting in restaurants, just take a stroll to Petrovsky market and buy some freshly-caught fish there.

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